What is Parent Mentoring?

Winchester Community Mental Health Center, Inc. provides court or agency mandated parent education training to parties in cases where a child’s custody, visitation or support is contested.

The Parent Mentor observes the parent’s interaction with their child(ren) and provides feedback and coaching. The purpose of Parent Mentoring is to help identify safety concerns, engage with the parent and child(ren) to prepare for potential reunification. The service can take place in the home, in the community, at the Department of Social Services, or any other location authorized by DSS. During the time with the client’s child(ren), the Parent Mentor strictly observes the interaction, providing feedback and coaching for anything that may be considered unsafe or not in the best interest of the child(ren) and only intervening in the event of an emergency or any situation in which the parent mentor is immediately concerned for the safety of the child(ren).  Normally high-conflict families who are at risk for domestic violence, physical or verbal abuse, and parents with a history of very poor parenting skills are good candidates for our Parent Mentoring program.


Referrals are accepted from Social Service Agencies.


Parent Mentoring is not covered by any insurance and is typically an agency funded service. Please contact the Agency Liaison staff for more information at 540-535-1112 option 8.