Community Based Services

Winchester Community Mental Health Center, Inc. provides several intensive services that primary occur in the community or in the home. If the individual in need meets certain criteria, Medicaid insurance may cover the some of these services. Otherwise, agencies can fund these services or the client can self-pay. Please contact our Agency Liaison staff for any questions regarding pricing.

Intensive In-Home Service

Intensive In-Home Services [IIHS] is a mental health service encompassing intensive individual and family counseling, life skills, activities, crisis intervention, behavior management and case management.

A thorough evaluation is completed and a tailored intensive service plan addresses each child and his/her individual and family needs. IIHS is for clients beginning at age 5 and up to 21 if the client is still residing with a guardian. If the individual in need meets certain criteria, Medicaid insurance may cover this service.

Mental Health Skills Building

Mental Health Skills Building [MHSB] is a goal-directed training to enable individuals to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment.

MHSB includes goal-directed training in the following areas: functional skills and appropriate behavior related to the individual’s health and safety; activities of daily living and use of community resources; assistance with medication management; and monitoring health, nutrition, and physical condition. This service is for clients aged 18 and up. If the individual in need meets certain criteria, Medicaid insurance may cover this service.

Parent Mentoring

The Parent Mentor observes the parent’s interaction with their child(ren) and provides feedback and coaching. The purpose of Parent Mentoring is to help identify safety concerns, engage with the parent and child(ren) to prepare for potential reunification.

The service can take place in the home, in the community, at the Department of Social Services, or any other location authorized by DSS. During the time with the client’s child(ren), the Parent Mentor strictly observes the interaction, providing feedback and coaching for anything that may be considered unsafe or not in the best interest of the child(ren) and only intervening in the event of an emergency or any situation in which the parent mentor is immediately concerned for the safety of the child(ren).  Normally high-conflict families who are at risk for domestic violence, physical or verbal abuse, and parents with a history of very poor parenting skills are good candidates for our Parent Mentoring program.

Bridging Natural Supports

Bridging Natural Supports [BNS] is a service for families to help close the Natural Support Gap. BNS staff perform a variety of services in support of wellness and recovery by monitoring client behavior and promoting healthy safe activities.

While BNS services are non-clinical, they are person-centered, strengths based, wellness focused, and trauma informed. BNS help to ensure caregivers a time to find natural supports, while continuing to work/and or go to school.

BNS provides:

  • Support for parents who have limited natural supports.
  • Provides a safe environment for children and adolescents while caregiver builds Natural Supports.
  • Service as a role model of recovery, wellness, and self-advocacy.
  • Monitors activities that meet individual’s physical, emotional, recreational, social, educational, and medical needs.
  • Assist with everyday tasks.
  • Support, encouragement, and the development of natural support systems.