Supervised Visitation

Trained, caring and professional staff are available to monitor, coach and supervise visits between biological parents and children, children and relatives, adoptive families and children.

Supervised visitation available to assist with reunification or if court ordered.  Visits can be arranged at our office. This service is not covered by insurance. Supervised Visitations can be funded by an agency or clients can self-pay. Please contact our Agency Liaison staff for more information regarding pricing.

Supervised Visitations are typically (but not always) court-ordered and allow non-custodial parents or guardians to meet with their children in a safe and controlled environment, with the guidance of a neutral mental health provider, who supervises the visitation and writes a brief report about what took place. Normally, the visitations occur weekly at WCMHC, for a predetermined amount of time. The frequency and duration of these visits are generally decided by a judge, or between attorneys through an agreed order.

The purpose and goal of supervised visitations is to enable an ongoing relationship between the non-custodial parent and child by impartially observing their contact in a safe and structured environment. We also facilitate and maintain appropriate child/parent interaction during supervised contact and allow the judge to make informed decisions, based on the outcome of these visits. Another purpose of supervised visitations is to allow a safe and educational learning experience for the non-custodial parent. In our Supervised Visitation Program, if the parent makes a mistake, the mental health professional can intervene to ensure child safety.

Our monitors are trained mental health professionals who follow strict guidelines and are comfortable offering guidance to the court, based on their observations. By having mental health professionals supervise visitations, our staff can assist in identifying and attempting to correct any issues that may prevent the parent from having a healthy and productive relationship with their child. Our agency places a large importance on the safety of all parties involved in the visitations, which is another reason we chose mental health professionals who follow strict guidelines to ensure that safety is maintained. As mental health professionals we can recognize poor or dangerous behaviors or acts that may be harmful to the child, and immediately terminate visits if the need arises.