Reel Teen Mentoring

The Reel Teen experience encourages and inspires teens to become the next generation of animators, filmmakers, and photographers; in addition, to fostering personal growth, confidence, and independence. The program prepares teens for life beyond high school and college, teaching self-sufficiency, resiliency, emotional competency, communication skills, conflict resolution skills, team building and helping with academic success.

Reel Teen is designed for youth aged 11 to 21. The program utilizes evidence -based interventions to address problematic behaviors that have placed the teenager at risk of being displaced from their home. Mentors and therapists develop specialized treatment plans addressing the problematic behaviors.

Through a therapeutic hands-on film making program, Reel Teens helps teenagers cope with their life situation, enhance their self-worth and develop essential life skills.

If interested in the Reel Teens programs, please contact the Program Coordinator at 540-535-1112 ext. 134.