Job Title: Psychiatrist

Job Description: To assess and treat mental illnesses through a combination of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hospitalization, and medication. Will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed counselors, social workers, nurses, and other staff members to provide comprehensive medical and counseling services to patients.

Supervisor: Clinical Director

Job Duties and Responsibilities: May include, but not limited to the following:
• Organizes and coordinates services and services provided by other professionals as they relate to patient care.
• Participates in the process to ensure the appropriateness and quality of care.
• Participates in the development and conduct of educational programs.
• Participates in the surveillance and promotion of the health, safety, and welfare of staff.
• Helps articulate Winchester Community Mental Health Center, Inc. mission to the community.
• Acquires, maintains, and applies knowledge of social, regulatory, political, and economic factors that relate to patient care services.

Minimum Education: Medical Doctorate or equivalent. Minimum 5 years directly applicable experience in managed care, physician management and/or occupational medicine. Additional certifications including DEA License and Liability Insurance must be submitted.

Minimum Knowledge/Skills/Qualifications: Completion of degree and all post-degree supervision for licensure. Prefer at least four years of post-degree experience. Exceptional organizational skills; experienced in working as a medical doctor; Wide knowledge of the medical practice and principles; Able to work with in coordination with other physicians towards achieving excellence in patient care; Strong people management and communication skills; Knowledge of the latest laws related to medical practice; Highly skilled in enforcing safety regulations.