Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Job Title: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Job Description: The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will provide psychiatric/mental health care and mental health services, developing quality assurance procedures, and serving as educators and consultants.

Supervisor: Clinical Director/ Medical Director

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Maintain accurate, detailed reports and records.
• Monitor, record and report symptoms and changes in patients’ conditions.
• Record patients’ medical information and vital signs.
• Modify patient treatment plans as indicated by patients’ responses and conditions.
• Consult and coordinate with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans.
• Administer medications
• Assist psychiatrists
• Counsel with mental health patients
• Develop patient treatment plans
• Diagnose patients with mental illnesses
• File medical reports
• Prescribe medications for treatment

Minimum Education: Registered and Licensed to practice as Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Minimum Additional certifications including DEA License and Liability Insurance must be submitted.

Minimum Knowledge/Skills/Qualifications: Skilled in planning, coordinating, planning, documenting and providing patient care keeping the policies of the healthcare facility intact; Capable of communicating effectively with the patients, their family members and physicians to achieve highest quality of healthcare; Handle serious situations and provide care on time; Thorough knowledge about administering medical processes and medications that are prescribed by the physician; Quick in responding to the needs of adolescent, adult, pediatric and elderly patients; Adept at training and counseling new nurses.