Family Counseling

WCMHC knows that life can be extremely stressful and painful at times.  Breakdowns within the family can occur and are most commonly associated with a lack of communication.  Here at WCMHC we believe in a holistic approach to counseling which will help both you and your therapist to identify your specific needs.

What is family counseling?

Family counseling is a type of psychotherapy that may have one or more objectives. Family counseling may help to bring about better family relationships and interactions by identifying specific problematic areas.  Counseling usually involves the observation of interaction between family members in such a way as to allow the therapist to work through areas of break down by building bridges of communication and forgiveness.

In addition, family counseling might also involve working with family members and helping them cope with specific problems, such as drug addiction, behavioral problems, depression and other serious issues which one or more family members might be undergoing.  In these cases, the specific member undergoing the addiction or other issue might not be present.  However, the rest of the family is learning to communicate and develop coping skills in an effort to better assist the family member and maintain family cohesion and structure.

Working through the barriers of communication, such as anger, pride, low self-esteem, jealousy, and envy can bring about a more peaceful resolution to everyday family problems, the serious as well as the not so serious.  Maintaining communication and being able to understand everyone’s perspective, instead of a perceived understanding can heal and reinvigorate the family as a whole.