In order to minimize exposure to the Covid-19 virus (Coronavirus) Winchester CMHC is enacting the following new procedures.  

  • All clients regardless of service will be triaged before admittance into the facility.  Please, know refusal on your part may cause cancellation of your appointment and removal from the premises.  
  • To protect you and our employees we are transitioning to all online video conferencing and/or telephone sessions.  These are stressful times, but we are doing everything in our power to make this an easy process. We ask that you have patience with the transition. 

Please note, there will NOT be any medication bridges done without video conferencing or a telephone session. 

Online therapy is commonplace, effective and provides the social distancing necessary to keep you and our employees safe.

We will begin online/telephone sessions on Thursday, March 19, 2020.  Our team is committed to providing quality service.  Together, we will make Winchester a resilient and safe community. 

Expect a reminder call from our WCMHC team with instructions on how to connect to your online/telephone sessions.  These appointments are scheduled at the same time you scheduled your office visit.  The only change is in the way you will attend your appointment.  No longer will you come to the office.  The prescriber or therapist will contact you via phone or online. Please respond to calls marked “unknown caller” as your clinician’s phone number may not be displayed. 

Again, we ask for patience and support as we navigate through these strenuous uncharted territories. Please keep safe and calm, this too shall pass.