Applied Behavior Analysis

The Applied Behavior Analysis [ABA] program provides a service based on the science of learning and behavior. This evidence based service helps to understand how behavior and learning work and are affected by the environment particularly in clients with autism and related developmental disorders. It can take place in the home, school, office, or community with the client and his/her family.   While this service is typically offered for clients ages 2 – 22, please contact our office to see if the individual in need (of any age) would be appropriate for our program.

ABA aims to help increase language and communication skills, to decrease behavioral concerns, to learn adaptive functioning skills, and to help improve attention, focus, social skills and memory. This program also includes parent training and case coordination to increase the client and family’s cohesive learning and improvement. ABA is a flexible treatment that uses a variety of techniques and procedures to improve practical skills for everyday life with treatment goals designed based on the age and ability of each unique client.

Winchester Community Mental Health Center, Inc. accepts clients with Medicaid, Private Insurance, FAPT Funding and/or Self-Pay for this program.